Here at Action Coupling, we strive to deliver the best products in a timely manner. We understand the importance of a team and hard work. We have many hands that are dedicated to our promise and motto, "Action Delivers". 


"While working numerous jobs over the years, I thought how awesome it would be to have a career where I could actually look forward to getting up and going to work!  Where people treated you with respect, valued what you contributed and most importantly rewarded you for hard work.  I also wanted evenings and weekends off so I could spend time with my family.  And because of family I needed the security of a strong benefit package.  A career that I didn’t have to fear a lay off or being down sized.  Honestly, I didn’t think all of this was possible, but little did I know that day I heard “Welcome Aboard” how less stressful and happier my life was to become.  So, yes coming to work at Action Coupling & Equipment was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.”    -SM


"I appreciate the Teamwork at Action Coupling.  We all work together to get the job done.  Action Coupling also has an annual Company Picnic with food, prizes and gifts for all of the employees, it is a lot of fun.  I really enjoy not having to work any weekends."   -BM


"I really like working at Action Coupling.  Every day is an adventure." -RT


"I really enjoy working for a family owned business & not a large corporation.  It is great to manufacture products that help save lives. I love not working any weekends and it is first shift."   -LB

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